About NIZO


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Our proficiency in delivering solutions for our customers is founded on more than 60 years industry experience and profound knowledge of foods. Having our roots in dairy, NIZO now applies its knowledge to food in general.

In 1948, NIZO was established by the joint Dutch dairy industry. First as a quality and food safety control institute NIZO soon also worked on innovations. This resulted for example in the development of famous cheeses such as Leerdammer, Proosdij, Kernhemmer and Parrano. Developed by NIZO, they were made famous brands by our customers.

In 1974 A new Pilot Plant was built underlining the importance for NIZO to translate laboratory results to industrial level. The food grade plant (largest in Europe) is now also used for test productions and tolling of high value ingredients.

With the consolidation of the Dutch dairy industry, and with only a few major players remaining, joint research was overtaken by competitive research. NIZO realized that its expertise on food physics, microbiology and food processes could also be applied to foods and ingredients in general. Changing its name to NIZO food research in the early 1990s – emphasizing the widening of scope - NIZO since then developed and applied technologies for improvements in a wide range of food products.

The basis of our success in the market is a thorough knowledge of ingredients, their modifications and their interactions in consumer products. Thorough knowledge of food chemistry, microbiology and physics, life sciences and the implication of processing on the products’ functionality enable us to create, analyze and understand food with all its functional benefits.

In 2003 NIZO food research became a BV (‘besloten vennootschap’ or private company). Since then NIZO not only works on confidential research projects for the international food, beverage and ingredient industries but also for the international dairy industries.

In 2004 our food-grade pilot plant was enlarged and improved to meet the needs of our growing and widening customer base. It is now the largest facility of its kind in Europe for scaling up, test productions and tolling.

In 2005, offices were established in the UK, France and the USA. In February 2007 a new office was opened in Japan.

In the year of NIZOs 60th anniversary (2008) the new Application Centre with industrial kitchen facilities was opened and is available for product oriented research or to develop new food concepts with the assistance of scientists or a chef.

Management Buy Out
In 2009 the management team acquired total ownership of NIZO food research B.V. underlining the independent status of NIZO. Already 15 years ago, the Dutch dairy industry as previous owners challenged NIZO to develop into a modern and financially independent organisation. As a consequence, NIZO expanded its activities beyond the dairy horizon into the general food industry while also expanding activities outside The Netherlands. The MBO was just a logical conclusion of that development.

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