Fermented Functionality

Fermented Functionality

Fermented Functionality applies microbial systems to deliver great tasting and healthy products. 

We make microbes work

 Various health, product diversification and sustainability needs require state-of the-art fermentation technologies and expertise.
Together with NIZO you can add value to your product because we can make food microbes work


By applying a wide range of fermentation tools and by selecting the right microorganismes we can deliver: 

•  Premium tasting products
•  Fortified & Healthy products
•  Products  influencing mood
•  Product diversification
•  Clean label & natural  ingredients
•  New and natural flavours
•  Added value to waste & side streams

Available tools include:

• High-throughput screenings facilities for selection and characterisation.
• Integrated metabolomics, proteomics and genomics approach for prediction and optimisation. Watch our BioInformatics Webinar
• Molecular techniques for fingerprinting of microbial populations and strains.

You are welcome to contact me to explore opportunities for your product

Expert: Wynand Alkema go to business development manager: Nils Hijlkema
Expert : Wynand Alkema Business: Nils Hijlkema


 Also see our leaflet on Fermented Functionality.