FEB 19 2013

NIZO and South Korean Foodpolis sign MOU

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On feb 1st, NIZO food research and Foodpolis have signed a memorandum of understanding, laying the foundation for future collaboration.

Foodpolis is a South Korean initiative of developing a food cluster where food companies,  research institutes and universities meet, where industrial innovation is supported and an optimal infrastructure for the agro-food business is created.

The Korean Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MIFAFF) have  selected several places worldwide for help and investments to support their ambitions. From the Korean perspective, the Dutch Food Valley  is an excellent example of a food cluster where industry and knowledge centres meet, which serves as an incubator and which supports innovation. NIZO food research, with its unique position as an independent contract research company, and with a strong focus on South-East Asia, is therefore well positioned to play a strong role in their food innovations and business development.

The MOU, signed by CEO Ad Juriaanse of NIZO and Kee-young Chang of MIFAFF, facilitates collaboration in the area of product development and knowledge transfer (including NIZO courses, joint staff) on NIZO’s core expertises of flavour/texture, gut health, food safety and processing.

Juriaanse sees many opportunities for both parties: ”NIZO is internationally oriented and we already work intensively with many food companies in South East Asia. We understand their business and can contribute with relevant expertises such as fermentation or protein technology. At the same time this collaboration can help Korean food processors to develop foods for the European market. An excellent start in the year that we celebrate our 65th anniversary."

Initial contacts between MIFAFF and NIZO have been initiated by the Development Agency  for East Netherlands (Oost NV), where the Food Valley Region is located.

Bernold Kemperink of Oost NV, who played an important role in developing the relationship, is already looking ahead: “The relationship between these ambitious agro food clusters/regions will create a strong gateway for new opportunities for both parties in the near future and will help to enhance the competitive position worldwide.”

NIZO and South Korean Foodpolis sign MOU

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