13th Food Protein Course

Join our Group Leader Tailoring Taste & Texture, Els de Hoog,  at the 13th Food Protein Course!  Els will discuss the principles of protein stabilization. She will present during the first day of the course at 11.40 AM. During her presentation, the principles of protein stabilization will be discussed. Why do we need to stabilize proteins? What are principles behind (de)stabilization? What are the effects of processing and ingredients on protein stability? Which kind of processing can help to stabilize? Which other ingredients are used to stabilize proteins and how does this interaction work? How do the various food proteins compare in terms of stability and emulsifying power from a fundamental and properties point of view in liquid food systems? This will for sure be a very interesting presentation, so take care you don’t miss this!

The 13th Food Protein Course, organized by Bridge2Food is an excellent platform for networking in and with the protein industry. During the course: ‘Food Proteins: Properties, Functionalities & Applications’ a theoretical and practical overview of vegetable and animal proteins currently available for food applications will be given. The course will be held in Rotterdam, 18-20 April.