20th Annual Dairy Ingredients Symposium

Meet up with our Key Account Manager Dairy & Cultures, Stacy Pyett, at the 20th Annual Dairy Ingredients Symposium! During the event, you will get the latest insights on what can help you to produce, market and use dairy ingredients today. Find out what will shape the look of the dairy ingredients marketplace of the future. Learn the latest science and technology innovations that can provide tools to innovate, improve your products, and your ability to compete for customers. Interact with leading dairy ingredients users and dairy ingredients suppliers from around the world. Stay ahead of the curve by hearing about emerging scientific breakthroughs that will shape the future of dairy ingredients manufacture and usage.

Our Expert Leader Nutrition & Health, Alwine Kardinaal will give a presentation about Substantiating Health Benefits of Dairy Ingredients for Digestive and Immune Health. She will speak at the second day of the symposium, during the 5th session (Dairy Ingredient Structure, Digestion & Nutrition).

The event will take place at Shell Beach (CA) in the US, February 27-28, 2018.