Probiota 2018

Join us at the Probiota congress in Barcelona, which will start on the 7th of February and will continue for 3 days. Meet our Business Manager Human Challenge Models, Erik van Zandbergen, and our Key Account Manager, Nils Hijlkema, at our booth and during the round table discussion. Find out what we can do for you!

During the congress, our Project Manager Bioinformatics, Jos Boekhorst, will give a lecture on ‘Big data meets expert insight’. The application of data analytics throughout the discovery and validation pipeline is accelerating product development and strengthening NIZO’s ability to draw reliable conclusions on the relationship between microbiota and overall health. Jos will demonstrate how NIZO is using data analytics, bioinformatics and advanced visualization tools to complement and enhance the work of its experts in fermentation, gut health, immunity and food safety. To demonstrate how this works in practice, he will reveal the working processes used in a recent project that has led to the discovery of valuable information about the interplay between diet, microbiota and the small intestine.

  • Tools and methodologies – how NIZO is using technology to interrogate data and test hypotheses
  • Enhancing human performance – how NIZO’s experts use technology to work faster and smarter
  • A proof of concept study – how minimally invasive sampling and analytics has helped NIZO identify changes in the small intestine microbiota induced by high protein and high carbohydrate diets

Furthermore, the Probiota congress will have sessions on modulating the microbiome for sports performance,  consumer understanding of pre and probiotics, the importance of the microbiota in the first 1000 days of life, plus sessions looking at the latest microbiome start-up trailblazers and targeting diseases through the microbiome.

It will for sure be a very interesting congress where business and science of pre and probiotics will be connected. We hope to meet you there!