DSM and NIZO: quick time to market

DSM Food Specialties has developed several new products based on a new enzyme for the food industry. DSM decided to outsource the isolation and purification of their new products to NIZO. In this way they could test the market before investing in their own production line. Furthermore, they could gain experience with production and fine tune it technically, analytically and bacteriologically, allowing them to target their investment in an optimal way.

Purified result
In total 20 batches of raw material were purified, resulting in 27 tonnes of end product at NIZO in 2 years. DSM and NIZO have worked together with a consistent quality and safety system to meet the high product standards. The end products have been delivered to the clients of DSM.

Food grade processing
“The Processing Centre of NIZO is fully equipped for productions for human consumption,” explains Paula Keijzer, manager of the Processing Centre. “We have installed DSM’s chromatography column inside our infrastructure, which is designed to include equipment in a safe and hygienic way. This process step was linked to our concentration and filtration equipment. To meet the required product quantities, we have been producing full-time with an operator as back-up at distance (24/7).” This enabled DSM to have a quick time to market, while delaying the investment in their facility. During the production at NIZO, the process has been further developed, which made a smooth transfer to DSM possible.

Bring new products to the market
When you want a quick time to market while at the same time fine-tuning your process, come to the Processing Center of NIZO.

Our Manager of the Processing Centre, Paul Keijzer is happy to answer all your questions.

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