Food applications for potato protein isolates

When Solanic, part of the Avebe group, wanted to introduce its new potato protein isolate to the market, they needed unique food applications for their ingredient to help convincing their customers.

Solanic therefore asked the NIZO protein centre to assist them with developing these applications for the new ingredient. The unique emulsifying, foaming and gelling properties of their native potato protein make it an ideal ingredient for different food applications.

In the NIZO facilities sport drinks and ice cream were made on pilot scale for demonstration products in the market.

Potatoes in drinks and in ice-cream

According to Solanic, the challenge in developing the sport drinks is to get the right concentration of potato proteins, to prevent gelling and to keep the liquid clear. For ice cream the focus of the application development was to get a high-quality and 100% vegetable product.

At NIZO’s food application lab and processing centre the expertise and facilities are present to develop the right procedure and ingredient composition to include such a new ingredient in various applications. This project resulted in clear sport drinks and 100% vegetable ice cream products that were both good tasting.

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