RuBisCo, the most abundant protein in the world, present in every “green” plant can now be extracted as a protein ingredient for the food market. Our experts have developed an extraction method resulting in a colourless protein isolate having an excellent solubility.

With an ever growing world population and increasing demand for high nutrition foods, there is an enormous pressure on the food production system to fulfil this demand while keeping the environmental impact as low as possible. Plant proteins are known to be more sustainable than animal proteins and more cost effective. (Partly) replacing animal protein in existing products with (new) plant protein ingredients or developing new plant protein based products may contribute to an efficient use of available proteins.

NIZO’s expert Fred van de Velde initiated and developed the new extraction process. “After laboratory testing we knew we could solve the green colour and solubility issues,” says van de Velde. “These attributes are considered negative and  prevented its use by industry”. “We have scaled up the process and tested it at semi-industrial scale in our food-grade Processing Centre and we know now that the technology is ready to be implemented by industry”.

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