A presentation entitled ‘Five Years of Protein Transition in Food: Shifts in the Green Protein Landscape’ will be given by Dr. Fred van de Velde, Dr. Renske Janssen and Dr. Emma Teuling, to bid farewell to HAS green academy’s Protein Transition in Food Lectureship on the 15th December 2022, at HAS Green Academy in Den Bosch at 3PM CET.

Five Years of Protein Transition in Food: Shifts in the Green Protein Landscape

Over the past five years, the professorship Protein Transition in Food has seen shifts in the green protein landscape in the Netherlands and beyond. The faba bean was fairly unknown at the start of the professorship, now it is the most sought-after protein source in the Netherlands. Together with students and professionals, the lectorate has contributed to this development. The quality of plant proteins has improved and their use has increased enormously. During the exaugural speech, we will look back on these 5 years and also look ahead, as another shift is already underway: from plant protein to microbial protein.

Fred van de Velde
Fred van de Velde
Renske Janssen
Renske Janssen
Emma Teuling
Emma Teuling

Programme exaugural lecture

  • 3PM: Welcome
  • 3.30PM: Opening by Liz Chermin, college member HAS Green Academy
  • 3.40PM: Cooporation HAS & NIZO by Dr. René Floris, Division Manager NIZO
  • 3.50PM: Exaugural lecture by Dr. Fred van de Velde & acting lectors Dr. Renske Janssen & Dr. Emma Teuling, NIZO
  • 4.35PM: Closure by Corné Verhees, Cluster Director Food & Industry HAS Green Academy
  • 4.45PM: Drink

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