We are proud to announce that Dr. Steven Cornet, Project Manager Protein Technology, will present during the Fi Webinar Plant-based meat and fish alternatives: Taste and texture’ on October 10 2023, 11 AM CEST. Steven will speak about strategies for creating tastier plant-based foods .

Fi webinar

When we examine the progress and expansion in the realm of meat and fish substitutes, we uncover a diverse array of innovative sources ranging from soy, legumes, and grains to seaweed, mushrooms, and microbial proteins. Emerging technologies like cultured meat, 3D printing, and cellular agriculture are gaining traction, driven not only by the shift towards plant-based diets but also by the growing urgency to develop more sustainable food systems that can provide viable protein sources for the future.

This webinar will discuss how this sector is evolving and specifically the question: how do we create plant-based meat and fish alternatives that have the taste and texture to rival their traditional counterparts?

Presentation Steven Cornet

To ensure sustainable growth of the plant-based market, the industry must deliver tasty, nutritious, and sustainable alternatives for animal-derived originals. Steven Cornet, will delve into the exciting world of enhancing the sensory appeal of plant-based products, ensuring they are not only delicious and nutritious but also environmentally sustainable. Additionally, he will offer insights into the latest developments in new product trends, encompassing cutting-edge technologies such as cell-based, 3D printing, and fermentation techniques.

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