The 2023 Microbiome & Probiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum will bring together academic, industry, and investment leaders to discuss cutting-edge scientific developments in microbiome, skin & probiotic research. Topics covered include gut health and disease, as well as the stunning advances being made in understanding the gut-brain axis. Speakers will also report on the developments in Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotic research as well as personalised nutrition, cardiometabolic disease, Women’s health, advances in HMO & infant health, and Cancer.

Presentation by NIZO expert Jolanda Lambert

During the first day of this event, on the 23rd of May, at 2.10 PM CEST, during the track ‘Gut Microbiota and Disease’ Jolanda Lambert will present about: “Diet, probiotics and the gut microbiome: health benefits and nutritional impact at NIZO.” Jolanda will speak about the interaction between diet, the gut microbiome and health. Special attention will be given to the impact of probiotics and plant-based products on the microbiome, as well as considerations for development, health benefits and nutritional impact of these products.

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