On October 17 and 18, Dr. Jolanda Lambert, NIZO’s Senior Project Manager in Microbiology, and Martin Ham, Business Development Manager, will be speaking and moderating, respectively, at NutrEvent 2023 in Rennes, France. The event will focus on healthy food and food supplements, clinical nutrition and functional ingredients.

NIZO experts to present at NutrEvent 2023 on Food, Human and Animal Nutrition

About NutrEvent 2023

Steered by a prestigious committee, NutrEvent 2023 offers a comprehensive programme dealing with the latest market trends and R&D innovations in healthy food and food supplements, clinical nutrition and functional ingredients.

Structured around 3 tracks, the conference sessions bring together international experts to discuss current innovation stakes and provoke conversations that matter for players in food supplements, finished food products and animal nutrition.

Location: COUVENT DES JACOBINS, 20, Place Saint-Anne, 35 000 Rennes, France

NIZO at NutrEvent 2023

As a globally leading, private, and independent contract research with over 75 years of expertise in food and health innovation, NIZO will participate in NutrEvent 2023, assuming two roles:

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 17th, 16.00 – 17.30 CET

Track 1: Latest trends in food supplement innovation

This track will give an overview of the innovative trends in food supplement use and applications, the challenges in terms of clinical validation and benefit claims and will question innovation strategies and market access.

Topic: Exploring gut microbiome understanding and research implications for probiotics development

The growing understanding of the gut microbiome could allow a more precise and personalised action through probiotics. But is this research a factor in the acceleration of probiotics development? What are the key bacterial strains and metabolic pathways that are essential for gut health, and how can we identify and isolate these for use in probiotics? To what extent does the amount of data complexify the probiotics research and development process? Is there significant differences in the scientific and clinical demonstration of probiotic effectiveness? Is the next step in gut microbiome research the development of precision probiotics? How can we optimize the formulation and delivery of probiotics to ensure maximum efficacy and impact on the gut microbiome?

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 18th, 11.00 – 12.30 CET

Track 2: Innovation in finished food products: Combining nutrition and sustainability

The food product industry is evolving rapidly and becoming more innovative, looking for ways to make healthy, nutritious offerings that are not only attractive and accessible but also sustainable. This track will focus on alternative ingredients, initiatives in manufacturing and production process and efforts made by the industry on transparency and sustainability issue.

Topic: The science of fermentation: Exploring latest biomass and precision fermentation applications in building the next generation of food products

The benefits of fermentation have been scientifically proven, and biomass and precision fermentation are advancing at a fast pace. What are the latest advancements in biomass and precision fermentation, and how are these techniques being applied to create new food products? What are the impacts on taste, texture, and nutritional content? How are products based on these processes perceived by consumers? What are the regulatory challenges associated with using genetically engineered microorganisms in food production?

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