Learn the ins & outs of spray drying and catch up on the latest developments to optimize your process and save on costs!

Spray drying

Spray drying is the most applied process for food powder production. It is also a challenging one involving a complex balance between production costs and product quality. Improvement can often be achieved by improving drying capacity, minimizing fouling and reducing cleaning downtime. This two-day course presents the latest developments in drying technology, process optimization and cost-saving strategies, including case studies, examples from the industry and hands-on demonstrations. The course will start with basic drying theory and the ‘ins and outs’ of spray drying. It then focuses on predictive tools for spray drying optimization with a practical demonstration.

For whom?

The course is intended for anybody involved in drying technology, including process and product developers, technologists and plant operational staff. Speakers from NIZO, academia and industry will guide you through the topics from scientific understanding to its practical implications.

Why come to this course?

  • Refresh your understanding of spray drying technology.
  • Gain new insights into strategies to optimize your spray drying operation.
  • Get updated on the latest scientific and technological developments for product-process optimization.
  • Expand your network of scientists and industry experts in the field of drying.

Course leaders

The course will be lead by Dr. Kevin van Koerten, Expert Processing & Ben van der Deen, Business Development Manager.

Leaflet & registration

Read the leaflet to see the whole progamme and register via the register button.

Read below more explanation about the three packages you can choose from:

  • Package 1 is for the two-day course, including a diner at the end of day 1.
  • Package 2 is for the two-day course, including a diner at the end of day 1 with ONE night hotel stay, breakfast and taxi.
  • Package 3 is for the two-day course, including a diner at the end of day 1 with TWO nights hotel stay, breakfast and taxi. You arrive at the hotel the day before the course starts.

Book for the Membrande concentration & evaporation course as well (one of the packages of the other course) and receive a €500,- discount!

NOTE 1: If you book both courses and if you want a total 3 nights hotel stay (and arrive at the day the first course starts), please select package 2 for one course and package 3 for the other course. It does not matter which course you do this for. If you book both courses and want a total of 4 nights in a hotel (and arrive the day before the first course starts), choose package 3 for both courses.
NOTE 2: Hotel accommodation is based on availability. Hotel accommodation is only guaranteed after written confirmation from the hotel.

If there are questions regarding the registration, please contact Kevin van Koerten.