Dairy technology

Dairy technology at NIZO means almost 70 years of leading knowledge, expertise and understanding applied to practical solutions. With our roots in the dairy sector, our team of highly specialized and renowned dairy experts offers you the best of our dairy knowledge. Together, we can optimize the present and shape the future.

We have always been at the forefront of several widely-applied industrial process innovations. Striking examples are the NIZO butter process and the development of Casomatic curd drainage columns, as well as product innovations, such as the development of many cheese varieties. Our dairy science and technology research group is leading on a wide variety of topics, such as dairy product technology, casein and whey protein structure and stability, ingredient interactions, lactic acid fermentations, food safety, flavour- and off-flavour formation, product-process interactions and predictive modelling.

We keep expanding our knowledge base and footprint in the dairy sector and translate this understanding to practical solutions for the food industry on a wide variety of topics. This includes not only the dairy industry, but also the infant and clinical nutrition sector and all other sectors where dairy ingredients are used. Key topics our experts work on include the development of new products and processes, the optimization of existing products and processes and the understanding of underlying product-process mechanisms, ingredient interactions, and product stability. Building on our vast experience we keep applying our expertise to solve current issues and to stay at the forefront of future innovations.


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