NIZO is one of the world’s leading food testing companies. From our headquarters in the Netherlands we provide food producers all over the world a variety of contract research services required to guarantee quality and safety along the whole supply chain. We help you produce better, safer and healthier food products while saving costs too.

Food & Health Analytics

We are capable of delivering both lab-based results and actual human views on your products. With clinical testing facilities as well as sensory panels at our fingertips, our Food & Health Analytics services will bring a sizable collection of insightful data that can be used to enhance quality, adhere to local laws and build customer loyalty.

Food Safety & Chain Control

For food manufacturers, chain management and food safety are essential. One accident is all it takes to generate bad press with devastating effects on your reputation. Therefore, as a food testing company, we analyze potential dangerous organisms and predict their growth. In addition, we also give you advice on safer production techniques and steps you can take to extend shelf life.

Health Benefits & Nutritional Impact

Nowadays, healthy foods typically outsell their cheaper and unhealthy competitors in terms of sales. Therefore it’s crucial to understand the nutritional value and health benefits of your food products. As a food testing company NIZO will provide you with some scientific proof on the health advantages of your product which you may use to back up any claims on packaging or in your advertising.

Full service food testing company

Despite being a top tier food testing company, we like to concentrate on smart processing and a switch to plant-based protein too. This way we help you improve cost effectiveness and realize a better future for next generations. Let’s develop some sustainable, healthy foods today.

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