The 7th Microbiome and Probiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum is Europe’s longest-running and largest Microbiome meeting. It has an unrivalled reputation for attracting leading academics to present the newest available discoveries being made about microbiota and human health. With an equal measure of researchers from industry, this outstanding networking meeting is the place to learn, build new partnerships and explore effective business and commercialisation strategies.

Microbiome event

Probiotics and live biotherapeutic products

The market for probiotics and live biotherapeutic products continues to grow, as we increase our understanding of how they can improve health. Probiotic and pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to use the naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies to amend dysbiosis of the gut, skin and more. Then they must get their products to market, quickly and cost-effectively. But there are many challenges that will define a company’s success or failure – especially when working with living organisms, that don’t always behave the way we want.  

NIZO has helped many companies to identify, grow, optimise, and substantiate the health benefits of probiotics and live biotherapeutic products. We have carried out hundreds of fermentation and media optimisation projects, as well as a broad range of strict anaerobic productions, tech transfers, and successful clinical trials. With over a hundred professionals, a total of 42 laboratories – including general, BSL-1, BSL-2 and food-grade – and our food-grade pilot plant, we can provide customers with a broad range of services and expertise.

Webcast: The probiotic journey, from discovery to health benefit substantiation

Janneke Ouwerkerk, Group Leader Food Safety & Fermentation, and Ioana Iorga, Business Development Manager, will explain the probiotic journey from discovery to health benefit substantation during an online presentation at Track 3 ‘Probiotics & Prebiotics and Diagnostics’ on November 30th at 12PM CET.

NIZO’s multidisciplinary and multi-stage approach will be explained covering:

  • State-of-the-art bioinformatics
  • Process development
  • Upscaling and production
  • In vitro health benefit substantiation

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