Quantifying true consumer wanting of your product: Thelometry

Imagine you are a customer, standing in front of a shelf, figuring out which of the many product alternatives to choose. During this decision process, our subconscious brain decides which products we actually want and buy.

In many cases we rationalise our choice afterwards by coming up with arguments for our choice. But how can you determine if your customer truly wants your product?

At NIZO, we developed a unique technology to quantify this consumer wanting: Thelometry.

Thelometry quantifies the consumer wanting of your products. This includes sensory aspects (taste, texture and mouthfeel) but also the entire product design including its package and marketing.

Thelometry rules out socially desirable answers, by extracting the subconscious brain response. Amongst several other methods, the system uses EEG and pupil dilation responses measures. The methods that will be used are validated against state-of-the-art fMRI brain scanning methods.

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