Reduced fouling and extended run time in dairy powder plant

NIZO food research has assisted United Dairy Men of Arizona (UDA)  with improving their drying process. Based on NIZO’s models (Premia) to predict product-process interactions and on a joint review of the process by NIZO and UDA,  improved set points could be determined resulting in reduced powder build-up, extended runtimes and thus reduced costs at a higher output.
When Phoenix-based UDA experienced reduced run times caused by powder build-up in their spray dryer, they commissioned NIZO food research to do a scan of their process.
NIZO has 65 years of experience in optimizing spray drying processes and developed its Premia software platform to model process-product interactions. This software was used to evaluate and predict product properties based on settings and conditions such as inlet air humidity and temperature, feed, and outlet air properties.

As a result of the process scan, the cause of powder build-up could be determined and alternative settings were determined resulting in the best conditions for a quality product with minimal powder build-up.

According to Keith Murfield, CEO of UDA, the reduced cleaning times allow an increased output of high quality powder at reduced costs.