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Do you need help with scaling up from lab to industrial scale? Are you looking for ways to reduce investment risks for your new production plant or for ways to improve your processing efficiency? With over 65 years of experience, a broad range of food grade production facilities, and an impressive number and network of highly qualified research professionals, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, we offer you unique solutions.

Our Processing Centre is a food grade and highly flexible industrial production environment. This allows you to fast-track product and process development activities. Our unique combination of in-depth expertise in process–product interactions, semi-industrial scale production facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories, analysis tools and predictive models makes us perfectly equipped to:

  • Solve your up-scaling challenges
  • Reduce time to market for your new ingredients and products
  • Reduce investment risks for your new production facility
  • Solve your production issues and improve your process efficiency

Together, we will fast track and optimise your production process!