NIZO Vision, the newsletter of NIZO food research
With our newsletter, called NIZO Vision, we present to our customers recent developments, approaches and achievements relevant for the food, ingredient and biotech industries.

The various articles give a good picture of new developments and the solutions we provide in the areas of Flavour, Texture, Health, Food Safety and Processing as well as the possibilities for test productions

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 NIZO Vision 20 - Sustainability

NIZO Vision 20, Together to a greener level

NIZO Vision 19, North America Special

NIZO Vision 18, 50 years Protein Centre

NIZO Vision 17, better foods, more profit

NIZO vision 16, Higher value lower costs

NIZO vision 15, Open innovation & Consortia

NIZO vision 14, Processing and Application centre

NIZO vision 13, Pleasure

NIZO vision 12, Health & Safety

NIZO vision 11, Convenience

NIZO vision 10, Fitness & Wellbeing

NIZO vision 9, Modelling

NIZO vision 8, Flavour

NIZO vision 7, Dairy

NIZO vision 6, Texture

NIZO vision 5, Health

NIZO vision 4, Processing

NIZO vision 3, Ingredients

NIZO vision 2, Safety

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