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Expert sensory panels as part of chain control

Like food safety and spoilage, the sensory quality of your food product over time is an essential part of your chain control. You want to be sure that the consumer enjoys the same, excellent experience with your product, throughout its shelf life. Sensory experiences such as taste, texture, smell and mouthfeel are hard to quantify and evaluate.

Identify and eliminate ‘off-notes’

NIZO’s expert sensory panel brings 15 years of experience in evaluating a broad range of food products, including: dairy and dairy alternative foods and ingredients, beverages, infant formula and plant proteins.  You get clear and detailed descriptions of your product’s characteristics and how these evolve – whether it develops an off-flavour or odour, if the mouthfeel changes, etc.

And by combining this human insight with NIZO’s predictive modelling and instrumental analyses, you can gain further insight into the root causes of sensory issues, such as oxidation. Then NIZO provides you with targeted and practical advice for developing preventative measures and chain control.

NIZO can:

  • Assess your product’s sensory characteristics and parameters, using our inhouse expert panel
  • Provide insight into flavour and texture profiling, descriptive analysis, temporal analyses (TI, TDS, Multi Sip), off-flavour and shelf life studies, and difference testing
  • Predict potential sensory changes, and determine their root causes
  • Provide targeted advice for preventing sensory issues during your product’s shelf life
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