What our clients ask us:
  • How do we position our product in the market, in terms of health benefit?
  • How can we substantiate a health claim for our products?
  • What exactly is the mechanism of action (MoA) of our product?
  • Which design do we choose for our clinical trial to substantiate a health claim?
  • Which biomarkers do we choose?
  • What else should we consider when conducting a clinical trial?
  • What data do we need for a regulatory dossier?

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Reversed approach towards your goal

At NIZO’s clinical research centre, a team of scientists with nutrition, clinical and microbiome expertise is dedicated to researching your food ingredients or products and finding answers to any strategic and/or research questions your company may have. Adding one or more NIZO consultants to your research team will save you time and resources in critical areas of the clinical trial process.

NIZO’s research focus is always on the health benefits of your product. Our research method is based on the ‘reversed approach’: first we define the potential health benefit of your product or ingredient. Then we design the research development plan. We do clinical research in the following areas of application:

  • Infection resistance
  • Immune function
  • Metabolic health
  • Gut barrier function
  • Skin health

How NIZO’s scientists can help you

We offer:

  • Strategic advice on developing a comprehensive development plan for your product or ingredient
  • Study-specific advice on most efficient design and outcomes of your trial to substantiate a potential health claim
  • Food clinical trials for your product

Strategic advice

  • Overall ambitions for your food or ingredient: your long-term goals
  • Health claim substantiation strategies
  • Advice on research pipeline, including in vitro assays
  • Evaluation of potential benefits and regulatory environment

We can be of help in any stage of product development.

Study-specific advice

  • Scientific literature review and data mining
  • Study design and protocol development:
  • data needed for regulatory dossier
  • insight into biological pathways
  • Scientific advice on clinical and biomarker outcome parameters
  • Advice on interpreting and presenting the data

We will be happy to extend our research services to meet your needs.

Any questions?

Ioana Iorga is happy to answer all your questions.

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