To gain a competitive advantage and increase their chances of success, both new and current food processors need to develop better, healthier and safer products. As a leading food development company we provide manufacturers all the services and knowledge they need to enhance the overall quality of their products including the taste and experience,

nutritional impact and shelf life.

Sensory research

With both lab-based testing and sensory panels we can evaluate the human perception of flavour and texture in your food products. By combining human insights on product characteristics such as odour, mouthfeel and taste with results from predictive modelling and extensive analysis, we can provide detailed advice for improving your product in a way that greatly enhances consumers’ acceptance.

Food chemistry analytics

As a full-service food development company we also provide chemical analysis of your food products. These analytics will provide insights on its nutritional impact, its quality and of course whether it meets regulatory requirements. In addition, we can use a sample to assess microbial composition and functionality to provide data on health benefits that can be used to market your products more effectively.

Validation of predicted shelf life

Shelf life is a key component of food development. As a food processor you want to make sure that consumers enjoy safe and unspoiled products of the best quality. With predictive modelling we map out the possible growth of contaminants in products and provide insights on changes in flavour, texture and looks without conducting multiple studies. With these results in hand we can provide guidance on the best packaging strategy and other ways to optimise product shelf life.

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