As a food manufacturer you are obligated to put up a best before date on packaged foods. This expiration date assures consumers that your product’s quality is maintained up to a certain date, but it also has an impact on a business level. After all, longer shelf life means less waste and ultimately less money thrown away. With our shelf life testing services we help you determine an expiration date – and prolong it.

Shelf life testing using predictive modelling

Once your products leave your facility you lose control over the conditions they’re kept in. During transport, in grocery stores and at consumers’ homes your food products might be stored under various circumstances – and all these different conditions may affect the best before date. With predictive modelling we can incorporate all these conditions in one single shelf life study.

Get key insights

With predictive modelling we allow you to get a notion of how your products perform over time. Amongst other things, we can assess multiple factors such as changes in sensory elements and the growth of bacteria, pathogens and other contaminants. After controlled shelf life testing it’s recommended to analyse how products change over time in real life in order to validate results and assure customers of safe and unspoiled foods.

Extending the best before date

The results of shelf life testing also help identify new formulations and production process optimizations that might extend the best-before date. So in addition to determining the expiration date of your food products, we also provide expert advice on extending shelf life to a maximum and reducing costs by doing so.

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