Meeting the demands of current health trends, globalisation and product diversification requires controlled, rational and innovative application of microorganisms in pharma and food. NIZO’s fermentation expertise focuses on the optimisation of these industrial processes.

We have a team of over 30 experts in bacterial genetics, physiology and related disciplines plus state of the art infrastructure to deal with complex questions, and analyse and interpret big datasets. We can help you design robust and cost efficient microbial processes.

At NIZO, we employ a wide range of tools for selection and optimisation of strains, and identification of the ideal fermentation conditions. We can assist you with increasing protein production, improving robustness, increasing shelf-life stability, development of new fermented dairy and non-dairy products or improving food safety.

Our MICRO-platform allows for high throughput in-product analysis of your process. These combined capabilities have resulted in new products and significant cost reduction for many microbiological processes of our customers.

Working together in consortia

  • Natural Salt enhancer for Kimchi
  • Cheese Engineering of excellent Flavors (CHEF)
  • Natural gene transfer in LAB (BEBasic): http://www.be-basic.org/
  • Predicting Functionality based on genomes (Genobox consortium): http://www.genobox.eu/ns/nizo-food-research/
  • Trade-offs in fermentation (TIFN): http://www.tifn.nl/project/evolutionary-trade-offs-in-dairy-fermentations/


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