Proteins essential for a person’s body and needs a balance of all amino acids to function correctly. A complete protein source can come animal and plant protein. The use of alternative proteins offers a perfect solution to a more sustainable food production system. Customers are ready to embrace this trend, but will only do so if taste, texture and health remain uncompromised. We can meet their expectations!

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Dairy webcast series: Processing

We see high consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable food and nutrition. Imagine the opportunities for dairies by smarter processing, the protein transition, higher quality & safety and the impact on health and well-being. All of these will be covered in NIZO’s Dairy webcast series. The first webcast, about smarter processing, explains how a smart combination of process technology and 'top of the bill' product knowledge gives you already a great start.

Perspective on dairy proteins in medical nutrition: Focus on high protein ONS drink

NIZO has found that dairy based proteins are the best option for medical nutrition products, Specifically high protein medical Oral Nutritional Supplement – or ONS – drinks.  Given the scale and long-term potential of the market, this makes ONS drinks a very interesting opportunity for dairy producers and product manufacturers. Why are dairy proteins preferable? The other main option for use in ONS is plant-based proteins. In this webcast the functionalities of dairy and plant based proteins will be compared for ONS drinks.

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