At NIZO, we are specialized in the optimization of industrial fermentation processes that utilize microbes for the production of biomass, protein, and microbial metabolites such as flavor compounds or organic acids. Our expertise spans across several areas of the food, feed, and pharmaceutical industry.

Microbial biomass

NIZO has extensive expertise in the production of microbial protein for food and feed applications. The use of microbial biomass as an alternative source of sustainable and affordable protein has gained increasing attention in recent years. Our screening process for microorganisms is aimed at identifying those with the potential to produce high yields of biomass on various side-streams. Screening is conducted in microplate format and scaled up in bioreactors of different volumes ranging from 0.5 L to 4500 L. In addition to biomass production, we also offer expertise in cell disruption, protein fractionation, and protein functionality testing for food applications. Let us help you explore the potential of microbial protein as an alternative source of protein for your products.

Trouble shooting your fermentation process

At NIZO, we understand that scaling up fermentations and optimizing new organisms and processes can often come with challenges. With our extensive background and experience in working with diverse organisms, we are well-equipped to provide solutions to troubleshooting fermentation processes. Our team provides a range of services including consultancy, desk studies to identify specific problems, experimental support, and on-site troubleshooting sessions. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific challenges and provide tailored solutions to help them achieve their fermentation goals.

Recombinant proteins/Precision fermentation

On the forefront of food-tech, the production of functional animal proteins such as dairy or egg proteins through precision fermentation is gaining attention. At NIZO, we offer expertise in cultivating genetically modified organisms in various bioreactors and downstream protein purification. Our experience extends to the production of recombinant proteins in lactic acid bacteria. Precision fermentation requires the production of animal-like proteins in mainly yeast or fungal strains. Although laboratory scale production delivers relatively small protein amounts, upscaling of the processes and testing of protein functionality in miniaturized food models are critical. At NIZO, we have established several micro-food models that allow for early functional testing of precision fermentation proteins when available in limited amounts. For example, we can produce hundreds of different cheeses simultaneously followed by ripening under desired conditions, and perform analysis on the micro-cheeses such as viable cell counting, enzyme activities, food spoilage risks, flavour formation and more.


We have extensive experience in the production of beneficial oligosaccharides for use as ingredients or in situ in infant nutrition. Our expertise in this area includes the production of various oligosaccharides, including human milk oligosaccharides using lactic acid bacteria. Additionally, we can easily combine the characterization of these oligosaccharides with our Microcolon platform to assess their impact on the gut microbiome.


We are specialized in the production of postbiotic material derived from microorganisms that are no longer alive but still contain beneficial properties. Our screening, optimization, and production expertise are applied to create postbiotic formulations that are suitable for in-house testing or testing by our customers. With a focus on safety and efficacy, we work closely with our clients to develop postbiotic formulations that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Natural flavors and biofortification

We offer expert services for the production of flavor molecules and vitamins through fermentation processes. Our specialized knowledge allows us to design fermentation processes that utilize the enzymatic repertoire of diverse microorganisms to produce desired compounds, particularly for products with alternative proteins. We can also use a split-stream process to enable the decoupling of texture and flavor/vitamin formation. Our extensive culture collection of over 4000 strains with diverse potential for flavor formation further enhances our capabilities. Let us help you create unique and delicious products through fermentation.

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