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A broad range of chemical analyses with expert interpretation of results, offering insight and supporting decision making

Before you go to market, you need to be sure your ingredients, product formulation and processing are optimised. Understanding your new or modified product’s chemical composition and characteristics, and what that means in terms of performance, quality, shelf life, health and more, is important to give you the confidence that it will meet customer and consumer expectations and support your brand’s reputation.

Make sure your product is on the right track

NIZO’s broad analytic experience and advanced food chemical analyses offer you key insight into how your product will perform, whether in taste and texture, in nutritional composition, in shelf life, and much more. We partner with routine laboratories, while our own advanced analyses focus on innovative analysis and on-request in-depth interpretation and advice.

NIZO can:

  • Carry out protein-related analyses, including amino acid composition
  • Carry out carbohydrate-related analyses, including for prebiotics
  • Carry out lipid-related analyses
  • Provide expert interpretation of the chemical analysis results
  • Deliver practical advice on optimising your product and processes
  • Run validation on your assay, product or process
  • Develop new analyses to answer your unmet needs.

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