Welcome to the Start-up Corner of our website. As you can see from our Expertise & Services overview, we offer a very broad range of knowledge and lab-services and we have our own food- grade pilot plant. But does this make us the right partner for supporting start-ups?

We can wholeheartedly say: YES.


We are entrepreneurs too. We have been created by the industry and always worked for the industry. We are a scientifically driven company, and our core business is to solve a multitude of practical and strategic issues in the food and health arena. Big and small: ranging from improving taste and texture, to megatrends as the plant protein transition and the focus on health benefits. We ourselves are owned by private equity so we do understand your needs and the decision-making process of your investors.

The whole journey – every step of the way

From each technology readiness level, your journey begins with us, we can support you in every phase of the development. Basically, from just before Proof of Concept to the Proof of the Pudding.

Multidisciplinary teams

We have vast experience in processing raw material into ingredients and to final products. With this solid knowledge base, we are able to design and finetune processes where yield, functionality, safety, efficiency and sustainability are of key Importance. All leading up to food grade prototypes for showcasing.

Capitalizing on our knowledge of ingredients, we can accelerate concept ideas into consumer-ready products as we have in depth insights into flavour, texture, safety, stability and proven functionality.

Our track record in ingredients and consumer products spans decades of translating technologies into applications and ingredient process development, scaling up from lab scale into (semi) industrial pilot plant productions.

Formulating new ingredients and products is a balancing act with many parameters. We are able to look steps ahead, in a way one can say that the dues for most of your learning curve have already been paid.

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Success stories

Working with start-ups makes us tick. We are proud that we have worked side-by-side with challengers who see opportunities in novel technologies, new consumer behaviour or simply wanted to create a new ballgame themselves.

Some examples: With our protein knowledge we helped create fibrous protein for structuring meat and food products, we worked on highly functional protein ingredients from sustainable crops, we extracted health components from plant sources, we created better tasting soy-based drinks as a result of culture selection and adaptation. As we are very protective when it comes to the IP of our customers, we cannot share the tricks of the trade.

We are proud that we worked very closely together with the following companies, to name a few.

“We at TTM try to introduce a new creamy ingredient in the plant-based product market. For that we need high quality samples in order to create concept products and convince future customers. Nizo has been a suitable partner during this journey with their long upscaling experience and their focus on food safety”

Dimitris Karefyllakis, CEO of Time Traveling Milkman (TTM)

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