NIZO the Protein Expert


Sustainability and health benefits are major reasons to consider protein in your product, dairy or plant proteins or a blend of both. At the same time consumers expect good taste, solubility comparable with regular products and clean label but also the highest food safety standards.

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Microbiome Profiling Techniques Reveal Effects of Iron Fortification on the Infant Gut Microbiome


Three studies published in the journal Gut over the past 5 years describe how the gut microbiome of African infants is affected not only by dietary iron but also by the combination of iron with antibiotics – a widely prescribed medication in developing countries. These studies involved collaborations between researchers from Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa and the Netherlands.

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NIZO appoints Jeroen Koot as CEO


Jeroen Koot has been appointed CEO of NIZO Group BV as per September 5th, 2019

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The impact of regular milk vs A2 milk on human health


Regular cowmilk has always been the gold standard for health, providing the necessary blend of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, phosphorus and riboflavin and niacin. With new protein sources on the horizon the dairy industry needs to innovate too, with customers in mind who expect products that are good for them and of which they feel the benefit.

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Use of bio informatics and data science in industrial microbiome applications


NIZO is in the forefront of implementing bioinformatic tools for challenges customers deal with. Together with BaseClear, NIZO expert Jos Boekhorst published an article which gives an overview of the use of bioinformatics and data science in industrial microbiome applications, like starter cultures, probiotics, safety, etc

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Relation between spores in milk powders and predictability of spoilage of UHT milk products


March 25, 2019 – Scientists from NIZO, in close collaboration with Abbott, bioMérieux, FrieslandCampina, Nestlé and U.S. Dairy Export Council, have identified a practical and reliable microbial method to enumerate heat-resistant bacterial spores in milk powders.

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