As a food manufacturer you are dealing with increasinging standards. Your labels need to be correct and accurate, your products need to be safe from harmful organisms and of course the food needs to appeal to consumers in terms of appearance, taste and mouthfeel. As a full service food testing lab we help you develop and improve your foods so you can produce better and healthier foods with maximum shelf life –  in a more cost effective way.


As a full service food testing lab we provide various services that help you become a food manufacturing frontrunner while keeping you ahead of any issues:


With lab-based testing we grant you key insights based on extensive data on both technical and sensory aspects of your foods. In addition, we use a sensory panel to collect information on how your products are perceived by real humans. All this knowledge can then be used to make better informed decisions on how to create a better, safer and healthier product.

Nutritional values

Today healthy products hold an advantage over their less healthy competitors. Most consumers will choose the healthier option when choosing between similar products. That’s why we test the nutritional impact and health benefits of your products and turn the results into applicable advice on both ingredient optimization and packing copy.


In our food testing lab we identify contaminants such as harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi. We use predictive modelling to forecast microbe growth in order to create risk assessments and ultimately point out ways to increase food safety throughout the entire chain. This way you’re able to produce safer foods with an improved shelf life.

The multidisciplinary food testing lab

Over the past 70 years we’ve developed a multidisciplinary food testing lab that is able to manage all kinds of projects. We turn raw data into relevant insights and useful solutions that safeguard your food products, image and brand while advising on time and cost saving processes too. Everything you need to improve – and keep improving.

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