Keep your food product development on the right track, with technical and sensory analytics that help you create foods that meet consumer and quality needs Whether you are developing a food product that should mimic the taste, smell or texture of another, or creating a completely new food to meet consumer demand, you need to be sure it offers the benefits and characteristics you are looking for. Composition. Performance. Quality. And, of course, taste, smell and (mouth)feel. Analytics provide you with objective insight to make informed research & development decisions, and to keep your product development moving in the right direction. Is the new food product objectively ‘better’? Does it meet your claims? What is the shelf-life? Does it meet the product specifications (i.e. batch release)?

Proven food analysis

Our analytics tools and services give you objective, independent insight to direct your food product development and innovation. NIZO is specialised in setting up and validating dedicated analytical methods that can, if desired, be implemented at your facility. In addition to lab-based analytics, we also offer insight into how flavour is perceived by people through our expert sensory panel.

Analytics play a critical role in our contract research and manufacturing services. You can also take advantage of many of our analytic services on a ‘stand-alone’ basis:

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