Food chemistry analytics

Independent chemical analytics make sure your new food product is on the right track for quality, processing, health and more


The chemical composition of food can tell you so much about the its characteristics: how you can expect it to perform, its health impact, its quality, whether it will meet standards and regulations…  During product development, chemical analytics can give you insight and direction into, for example, optimal processing conditions to retain critical composition parameters. Ready to go to market? Batch release testing can make sure your ingredient quality and performance objectives have been met. 

A broad portfolio of food chemical analysis   

NIZO offers a broad portfolio of independent analyses. These focus on protein composition and quality, taste components (including organic acids and peptides), contaminants (including mycotoxins), and mono- and oligosaccharides (including GOS and human milk oligosaccharides).  

Specific tests available include: 

  • Protein related analyses
  • Carbohydrate related analyses
  • Lipid related analyses

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