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Enabling proactive food safety management for the dairy industry 

The safety and quality of dairy ingredients and raw materials can be impacted by many ‘outside’ factors. Pesticides, herbicides, veterinary drugs, environmental factors, cleaning agents and more may leave their traces, even after processing. Standards, guidelines and regulations often change quickly, making it difficult to find the relevant information you need in a timely manner. 

Proven, long-term expertise in dairy 

NIZO has over 70 years of heritage in the dairy sector. By combining that with our multidisciplinary nutrition, clinical and microbiome expertise, we can provide the insight you need on contaminants in the dairy chain – and what they mean for your business. 

A lot of scientific information may be available on a compound or contaminant; we can sift through it to target the relevant information. For example: what is the compound, how does it relate to dairy ingredients, are there specific accepted levels, is there monitoring data, etc. We can then turn this insight into real answers to your practical questions. 

NIZO can: 

  • Apply over 70 years of heritage in dairy, ‘from farm to glass’ 
  • Evaluate the scientific literature and available knowledge to provide you with the relevant, targeted insight you need
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