Food Safety

The global food market is constantly changing. From consumer demands like Clean Label products and plant-based proteins to business imperatives such as reducing costs, the industry has a constant need for new ingredients, production processes and food products.

In delivering them, food safety your license to produce. Any lapse from the highest food safety levels could lead to public health issues, costly product recalls, damage to your brand reputation and more food wastage.

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food safety
health benefits

Health Benefits

Consumers are increasingly making food choices based on perceived health benefits and health impact. This means food and ingredient producers can create a distinctive and successful position for themselves in a crowded market by offering healthy food options – for example through novel bioactive ingredients, alternative proteins and milder processing.

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Protein Transition

We see opportunities in every challenge, working closely together with our customers, and continuously try to improve our collaboration. Our passion is accelerating innovations together with our customers, applying our combined expertise in bacteria, proteins and processing.

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bio purification

Smart Processing

In today’s fast-moving food market, there is huge demand for new ingredients and new food products. And that, in turn, means you need new, adapted or optimized food production processes. Naturally, the end result must taste, look, feel and smell right – but cost and time-to-market are also critical to success.

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