Microbial and chemical contaminants can appear at any stage in your production chain and from a variety of sources, including raw materials, other foods, equipment, people or your procedures. In order to produce safe foods you must first identify and eliminate those contaminants. However, you need knowledge of the underlying source of the issue in order to effectively remove contamination from your processes for good. Our food hygiene testing services will help.

Microbial contaminations

Our food hygiene testing services can include 16S sequencing with which we’re able to recognize bacteria both living and dead. We analyze the findings and assess the species and characteristics of the discovered bacteria based on an in-depth understanding of microbiology, food chain management and food processing. This information aids in identifying the contaminant’s danger and potential entry points into your product.

Chemical contaminations

It is possible to determine whether food will adhere to norms and regulations based on its chemical makeup. Our chemical analytics provide information and guidance on the best processing settings to preserve important compositional properties. At NIZO we offer a wide range of impartial analyses, such as:

  • Cereulide toxin analysis
  • Lichensyn toxin analysis
  • Surfactin analysis

Modelling spore growth & risk assessments

Through the use of predictive models of both spore inactivation and growth of various species, we can help you assess the risks of spore survival, growth and toxin production in finished products. We evaluate bacterial proliferation under various production and storage circumstances in controlled contamination environments. That way we’re able to deliver fact-based knowledge based on modeling and experimental assessment for building safer processes and products. In addition, we help you identify the appropriate screening and control procedures before any batch release.

Full service food hygiene testing services

We have all the resources and knowledge needed to assess the microbiological stability and safety of your products. We can make small batches and carry out complete challenge tests for viruses and other spoilers in our own, on site food-grade pilot plant. Based on the findings, we can vouch for your compliance with industry requirements for any kind of product. Additionally, our food hygiene testing services may include an assessment on how well your bioprotection, fermentation or other methods of defense against infections and spoiler work.

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