We are NIZO, a top contract research organization for the food industry. From our headquarters in the Netherlands we offer food manufacturers around the globe numerous testing services needed to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire chain. For better, safer and healthier food products made with a more cost effective process.

Food & Health Analytics

With clinical testing facilities and a sensory panel at our disposal we’re able to provide you with both lab-based results and real human insights in your products. This way our Food & Health Analytics services will yield a big set of interesting data that can be used to improve quality, comply with local regulations and increase customer loyalty.

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Food Safety & Chain Control

Food safety and chain control are crucial for food processors. It only takes one incident to attract some negative publicity that could ruin your business. As a full service contract research organization we therefore examine possible harmful organisms and model their growth as well as advise you on safer production processes and measures you could take to prolong shelf life.

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Health Benefits & Nutritional Impact

In most cases healthy products sell better than their cheaper and unhealthy counterparts. Therefore it’s important to know the health benefits and nutritional impact of your products. With NIZO as your contract research organization, you’ll get some scientific evidence on the health benefits of your product to use for supporting claims made in advertising or on your packaging.

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Full service food contract research organization

Although we’re a top level food contract research organization for testing health benefits and food safety, we also like to focus on smart processing to maximize cost effectiveness and a transition to plant-based protein for a better world. It’s all you need to create healthy and sustainable products that sell today and tomorrow.

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