Continuously looking for new ways of improving food products

You’ve come to the world’s leading company in contract research for better food and health. NIZO is a private and independent company. We are one of the most advanced R&D centres in the world and bring the latest food technologies to life in our food-grade processing centre. Our focus is on the development and applications of innovations for the global food industry and related markets. Our customers value their gains in product quality, sustainability, cost effectiveness and speed to market. We are continuously looking for new ways of improving food products, and at the same time quality of life. Our headquarters are in Ede, the Netherlands.

Our Ambition

Every day the world population increases by 200,000 people. People who need good, healthy and safe food. We know better food is essential for better health. Today, and in the future for our children. That’s why we are convinced that the only road to success is to work closely with our customers: innovative food, ingredient and health companies. Our knowledge and expertise in bacteria, proteins and processing is the starting point of our contribution to innovation.

Engagement of our customers naturally results in value creation. We are only satisfied when our innovations actually reach consumers. When our customers grow their competitive advantage, consumers enjoy better food and health. That’s the reason we come to work at  NIZO every day. Now and in the future.

SINCE 1948

Founded by the Dutch dairy industry, we develop processes and products applying science and technology at lab scale and in our food-grade processing centre. After a management buy-out in 2009 we now are a private and independent company. We work for food and health companies worldwide, applying our expertise in proteins, bacteria and processing. Find out more about our history