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Using 16S sequencing to characterise the bacteria spoiling your product and determine possible causes of the contamination

When you experience microbial spoilage in a product batch, you need answers – fast. Not only which microbe is causing the spoilage, but how it got into your product, and what preventive measures you can take.

  • Is it a dangerous pathogen, or a ‘harmless’ spoiler?
  • Did the contamination occur pre- or post-processing?
  • Was this a ‘one-off’ issue, or do you need to adapt your chain?

Knowledge-based assessment of microbes and processes 

Starting with 16S sequencing, NIZO can identify living and even dead bacteria, which cannot be cultured. Based on our expert knowledge of microbiology, food chain control and food manufacturing, we interpret the results and evaluate the species and properties of the identified bacteria. This information helps to determine the risk of the contaminant and how it could have ended up in your product. 

Not only can you decide what to do about your batch release, but you also have insight into where to focus chain control actions. 

NIZO can: 

  • Identify the microbe, whether alive or dead, using 16S sequencing 
  • Determine if it is a dangerous pathogen or ‘harmless’ spoiler 
  • Provide initial insight into the root causes of the contamination and potential preventative measures 
  • Use our bioinformatics and food safety expertise to interpret the data and provide insight into actions to take 
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