Nowadays food producers face increasingly stringent regulations. Your products must be free of harmful organisms and other contaminants. Your labels must be accurate. And to be able to sell your foods at all, characteristics like appearance, taste and texture have to appeal to consumers too. Our food analysis laboratory supports you in developing and improving your foods so you can create food products that are better, healthier and have a longer shelf life – at a lower cost.


As a full service food analysis laboratory we offer different types of assistance that will help you become a leader in the food manufacturing industry and stay on top of any problems:


With lab based testing, we provide you with important insights based on massive amounts of information about the technical and sensory components of your goods. We also utilise a sensory panel to gather data on how people actually perceive your products. Using all this data, decisions can then be made to develop better, safer and healthier products.

Nutritional values

Healthy products currently have an advantage over their less healthy rivals. When picking between similar items, the majority of consumers will pick the healthier version. Because of this, we evaluate the nutritional value and health advantages of your products and translate our findings into actionable recommendations for ingredient optimization and package design.


We find hazards like dangerous bacteria, pathogens and fungi in our food analysis laboratory. In order to establish risk assessments and ultimately identify strategies to improve food safety throughout the whole supply chain, we employ predictive modelling to forecast microbial growth. This way you can manufacture foods that are safer and have a longer shelf life too.

The full service food analysis laboratory

We have built a multidisciplinary food analysis laboratory that can handle any project over the past 70 years. We transform unstructured data into actionable insights and helpful solutions that protect your food products, brand and reputation while offering suggestions for time and money-saving procedures. It’s all you need to improve now and succeed in the long run.

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