Nowadays it is crucial for food processors around the globe to ensure product quality and safety for consumers while maximizing their cost effectiveness in order to retain their business. As one of the world’s leading contract research organizations for the food industry we provide a wide array of contract research services that help those manufacturers create better food products through the entire chain.

Food & Health Analytics

Food & Health Analytics are an important part of our food contract research services as they provide insights in both technical and sensory features of products. With this data processors are able to improve their products and increase customer loyalty or comply with local regulations. To gather this information we use a sensory panel and lab-based testing services such as:

Health Benefits & Nutritional Impact

Knowing the health benefits and nutritional impact of their products is in most cases equally important to food manufacturers. By studying the effects of their products on physical well-being of consumers, processors gain scientific evidence to support their claims on packaging and other marketing related communication. Because as you might know, healthy products have an edge over competing products.

Food Safety & Chain Control

Although taste, looks and nutritional impact largely determine the success of food products, so does food safety. That’s why our food contract research services include the identification and elimination of contaminants and the predictive modelling of microbe growth amongst other things. With these services we provide food processors directions for possible improvements in their food safety and chain control.

Other food contract research services

In addition to the aforementioned food contract research services we also provide studies and guidance on themes like fermentation & probiotics, smart processing for saving costs and the transition from meat proteins to dairy & plant proteins. We gladly help you create better foods. Got any questions? Feel free to get in touch!

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