Everybody is talking about proteins, but how to make them work?

Proteins is the buzz word in the industry. But selecting the right one, making them work in your product and process is not that easy. NIZO can help you solve them. Our specialists have created a FREE whitepaper that sets the main trends and challenges. If you are interested, we invite you to download it, simply click on the banner and leave your email address.

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Dairy webcast series: Processing

We see high consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable food and nutrition. Imagine the opportunities for dairies by smarter processing, the protein transition, higher quality & safety and the impact on health and well-being. All of these will be covered in NIZO’s Dairy webcast series. The first webcast, about smarter processing, explains how a smart combination of process technology and 'top of the bill' product knowledge gives you already a great start.

Perspective on dairy proteins in medical nutrition: Focus on high protein ONS drink

NIZO has found that dairy based proteins are the best option for medical nutrition products, Specifically high protein medical Oral Nutritional Supplement – or ONS – drinks.  Given the scale and long-term potential of the market, this makes ONS drinks a very interesting opportunity for dairy producers and product manufacturers. Why are dairy proteins preferable? The other main option for use in ONS is plant-based proteins. In this webcast the functionalities of dairy and plant based proteins will be compared for ONS drinks.

Consumer expectations

Today’s consumers expect new tastes, flavours and textures. Other consumers expect health benefits in new products such as improved digestion, weight control or improving muscle build. Needless to say that all these products, especially those for developed for and focussed on the millennials, need to be sustainable and with a label as easy, transparent and clean as possible. One way to achieve this, is the use of plant protein ingredients. Want to learn more on customer expectations click here for the FREE whitepaper.

Challenges for Food manufacturers

There are many commercialisation considerations such as availability of proteins, supply chain and sustainability, but also nutritional and regulatory factors such as protein content, protein quality, health claims, allergenicity, safety and product labelling and positioning. Free up time for your R&D or solve technical challenges with NIZO experts, learn more by downloading the FREE whitepaper.


The innovation pipeline in Food Industry goes from product development, process design and scaling up to processing. Not an easy trajectory where R&D, Engineering, Supply Chain and Manufacturing are going through a process of discovery, research, experimenting on lab scale, production trials and validations. Modelling can be very helpful or test runs in a state-of-the art pilot plant, one of the biggest in Europe. Learn more on modelling and processing by downloading our FREE whitepaper.

Sensory issues

Plant proteins are often reluctantly used in food applications due to their low solubility, their off-flavour and their lack of functional properties. There are many good reasons to combine animal and plant-derived proteins, or to combine plant proteins from multiple sources. Reach up to 30% of plant protein in your formula without influence on taste or texture. How our research specialists did this you can read in our FREE whitepaper. Simply click on the banner and leave your email address. Download the whitepaper here.

Protein extraction

It is important how to extract proteins. The proteins suppliers offer are not always the best for the job. Paying attention to milder extraction and processing conditions can change a protein functionality for specific applications. Learn more by downloading our FREE whitepaper.


Our researchers have done in vitro modelling of pea protein’s behaviour in the stomach and have compared its digestibility with that of whey and casein proteins. Proteins play an important role in food for their nutritional properties. Within NIZO’s research capacities the NIZO expert sensory panel is firmly imbedded. Our FREE whitepaper can tell you more on how to approach this.


To answer the demands of nowadays consumer you have to be versatile. Protein additions, replacement and blends can be the answer for all of these questions. This whitepaper points out that a simple additions or replacement isn’t enough to make sure the products fits consumers taste. (Re)formulation is in order. To make sure you have solid and practical consult in this matter make sure you ask a contract research company which understands the whole chain to develop and produce a new food product.

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