In Food & Beverage, health, taste, all-natural and convenience are key drivers in consumers’ food preferences and selection. Changing consumer demands and recent regulatory interventions have impacted the R&D landscape of this market sector significantly, and still do. For example, sugary products have become a hard sell. In the UK sugar taxes are being implemented and more countries are expected to follow. Consumer preference is shifting towards fermentation and craft foods. Dairy and meat alternatives, such as vegetarian burgers and non-dairy milks, are becoming mainstream.

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Perspective on dairy proteins in medical nutrition: Focus on high protein ONS drink

NIZO has found that dairy based proteins are the best option for medical nutrition products, Specifically high protein medical Oral Nutritional Supplement – or ONS – drinks.  Given the scale and long-term potential of the market, this makes ONS drinks a very interesting opportunity for dairy producers and product manufacturers. Why are dairy proteins preferable? The other main option for use in ONS is plant-based proteins. In this webcast the functionalities of dairy and plant based proteins will be compared for ONS drinks.

NIZO: Speed your route to market

In today’s fast-moving food market, there is huge demand for new ingredients and new food products. And that, in turn, means you need new, adapted or optimized food production processes. Naturally, the end result must taste, look, feel and smell right – but cost and time-to-market are also critical to success.

Diet awareness is leading to added functional ingredients in products (such as collagen, probiotics and extra proteins). And last, but not least, consumers have become more concerned about all-natural and transparency. ‘Clear’ instead of ‘clean’ labelling is increasingly in demand. With our extensive expertise in improving flavour & texture, fermentation, protein technology, health benefit building and processing we can speed up recipe development, implement clean label processes and quantify the true consumer wanting of your product all at once.

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