When thinking of food success factors, flavour probably comes first to mind. And rightly so, because nowadays foods that don’t taste great simply don’t get eaten – or bought again for that matter. An extensive flavour analysis will provide a solid base for understanding, predicting and improving the taste, smell and texture characteristics of your product and ultimately increasing its success with consumers.

Physical & perceptual analytics

We conduct flavour analysis on both a physical and perceptual level, so you gain insights on both your food characteristics performance and how they’re perceived by consumers:

Flavour profiling

At NIZO we have the means and knowledge to analyze a broad range of your foods’ characteristics and interactions in both testing labs and in in vivo conditions. For example, we examine the interactions between smell, taste and texture. We look at how flavour is released during consumption. Or we conduct flavour analysis to determine off-flavours and provide guidance on how to mask them.

Sensory analysis

In addition to our flavour profiling analytical tools, we also bring an expert sensory panel to the table. With over 15 years of experience in evaluating a wide array of food products, these professionally trained sensory graders provide real human insight into flavour profiling, off-flavours and change in flavour over time.

Texture profile

Mouthfeel is almost as important as flavor when it comes to a products’ success. Your foods can taste perfectly fine but still don’t turn out to be successful if consumers experience a bad mouthfeel. Therefore, we like to conduct a texture profile analysis too. By using tribological tests we examine how products perform when chewed in different conditions. This will help you enhance textural characteristics – and

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