Get your flavour profiles just right, with insight and direction from our flavour analysis, in vivo tools and expert sensory panel

If your new food product doesn’t taste great, it won’t thrive. Flavour is a key element in whether consumers like a food. But ‘flavour’ isn’t a single element: it includes taste, aroma and texture characteristics that interact with each other on a physical and perceptual level.

To get your flavour profiles just right, you need to understand the physicochemical interactions between ingredients and how the brain processes the sensory information.

Understand, predict and optimise flavour    

NIZO’s state-of-the-art flavour analyses can help you understand, predict and optimise how the flavour of your product will be perceived by consumers. We offer both flavour profiling analytical tools and in vivo analytical tools. You get an understanding of the consumer’s experience, from the initial flavour profile, to the aroma released during consumption.  

Tools such as olfactometry, gustometry and PTR-MS can give your R&D direction for masking off-flavours. Or they can highlight the critical interactions between texture and aroma.  In vivo analytical tools can be combined to measure and provide insight into in vivo conditions   

NIZO’s flavour profiling analytical tools    

  • Flavour profiling 
  • Identification of key aroma compounds using in vivo analytical techniques 
  • Interactions between aroma and/or taste compounds and texture properties (cross-modal interactions) 
  • Off-flavour identification and masking 
  • Behaviour of flavour release during consumption 

Expert sensory panel   

Flavour is about perception. This is where our expert sensory panel comes in. It brings 15 years of experience in evaluating a broad range of food products, including: (dairy) foods, beverages, infant formula, plant proteins and (dairy) ingredient products. 

Our 12 exceptional and professionally trained sensory graders rate in the top 10% of the Dutch population for smelling and tasting. They provide insight into flavour and texture profiling, descriptive analysis, temporal analyses (TI, TDS, Multi Sip), off-flavour and shelf life studies, and difference testing.  

Combining our flavour profiling analytical tools with our expert sensory panel can give you the information you need to target your product’s development, identify and eliminate off-notes, and ensure consumer acceptance. 

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