In order to comply with local food safety requirements and successfully pass audits, food manufacturers in various industries do probably need a food safety program for their business. As one of the world’s leading food research companies we offer numerous services that help identify hazards to food safety and ultimately control them so that food producers can write a program that gets accredited everytime.

What is a food safety program?

A food safety program is a written document that includes what businesses do to ensure their food products are safe to consume. It covers which potential risks may occur, how they can be controlled and how these control methods are monitored while providing guidelines on remedial actions when procedures fail to control a hazard. These programs are critical to maintain food safety and protect public health.

How we help you develop your program

As a full service food testing lab we analyze and assess possible contaminants through the entire chain supporting both the identification of hazards and the preventative measures you need to take.

  • Testing services
    With different kinds of testing services such as bacterial identification, fungal toxin analysis and chemical composition analytics we help you determine which organisms and chemical elements may prove to be a risk to consumers’ health – or shelf life.
  • Chain control
    Predictive modelling and high-throughput screening we can assess the risks involved in thousands of different scenarios. This enables us to see how your products perform in different circumstances so that we can advise you on improved production processes and optimal storing conditions.

All the input you need for your food safety program

From raw materials and ingredients to processing and ultimately the finished product, we help you gather useful insights on the activation, survival and growth of contaminants throughout the entire chain. We provide all the data you need to write an extensive and complete safety program.

Any questions?

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