Initiating partnerships for research projects – acceleration knowledge development by sharing resources & costs and multiplying benefits.

Contract research for better food and health

NIZO’s core business is contract research for better food and health. Innovations and creating new knowledge, is what makes our scientists tick. We take the lead ourselves and bring our insights to market. We are hired for our specific competencies to solve complex issues, be it fouling in the production process, microbiological challenges or scaling up innovations etc. With and for our customers.

We are at the forefront of developments on topics that are and will become relevant in the market. One other way we are making this happen is to work together with partners in consortia where we all invest and benefit from the results.

Track record

NIZO has an impressive track record in initiating and forming consortia. We know our way around in ‘the subsidy territories’ and multiple projects have been subsidized with funds from the Topsector Agri & Food and other subsidy providers that support and push the food industry towards new developments.

Enabling is at the core of our business. Always willing to connect our partners and customers to our extensive network. That why we have become the driving force behind multiple consortia. Consortia enlarge and accelerate knowledge development whilst lowering the costs for participants.  

Joining a consortium = a Triple Win

Industry wide challenges can be solved much quicker and cheaper by joining forces.

  • Developments are accelerated
  • Lower costs as expenses can be shared and subsidies obtained
  • Creating competitive advantages by setting new industry standards

There are possibilities to join some of these consortia or have us initiate a new one.

Sustainable solutions

Whatever the challenge, only by looking at it holistically successful and sustainable products can be created. We bring together experts in many different areas of food science and production including: protein technology, fermentation, bioinformatics, health and microbiome, food processing, food safety and sensory experiences of food. 

Pilot plant

All these steps come together at our pilot plant – the largest in Europe for third-party use and suitable for food grade processes. Here science meets reality, manufacturing challenges can be solved in our lab and solutions quickly implemented in the pilot process. Science-based and fully verified – saving time, energy and money.  

Taking the lead in organizing new consortia

We are only satisfied when our customers grow their competitive advantage. When innovations actually reach consumers, to enjoy better food and improved health. Co-creating a sustainable future, that’s the reason we come to work at NIZO every day.

Ongoing consortia

If you have an interest in co-creating knowledge, you have an idea that you want to discuss please do contact our Chief Scientific Officer Nel Zoon.

Any questions?

Nel Zoon is happy to answer all your questions.

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