We are NIZO. The world’s leading food research and development company. With advanced R&D centres and the latest food technologies we provide food analytics, reports on health benefits and insights that help food manufacturers design better food safety processes and chain management. For better product quality, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Food & Health Analytics

Food & Health Analytics play a key role in our services. They provide extensive data on both technical and sensory aspects of products which can be used to make better informed decisions concerning food research and development directions. In addition to a sensory panel that provides insights on how products and flavour are perceived, we also provide data through lab-based testing such as:

Health Benefits & Nutritional Impact

Nowadays consumers are more conscious than ever. Especially when it comes to their food. Food manufactures that create healthy food products have an advantage over their competitors. To scientifically back up their healthy claims, we help producers explore the health benefits and nutritional impact of their foods. From optimising ingredients to storytelling.

Food Safety & Chain Control

As well as nutritional values, food safety is important too. For instance, it’s clear that food products should not contain hazardous bacteria, pathogens and fungi. With extensive analysis of harmful substances and organisms, microbial risk assessments and predictive modelling, we provide the insights you need to improve food safety and chain control throughout the entire chain.

Other expertise & services

As the leading food research and development company we also help manufacturers produce better foods with themes like a transition to plant-based sources of protein, fermentation and smart processing for more time and cost savings.

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