Our food analytics help manufacturers and development companies create better, healthier food products that meet consumer demands. With both lab based testing and data gathered from a real human sensory panel we offer you objective and independent insights you can use to make better informed decisions and keep your products moving in the right direction. For better food & health.

Food Analytics Services

We are able to set up analytical methods at your own facility, but you can also rely on our food analytics on a stand-alone basis.

Chemical analysis

With a chemical analysis we are able to determine certain characteristics of your food product. By testing protein composition and quality, taste components and contaminants we offer insights in performance, quality, health impacts and whether it will meet standards and regulations.

Flavour analysis

Flavour plays a key role in the possible success of food products. If a product doesn’t taste great, it is doomed to fail commercially. Food analytics using in vivo techniques and an expert sensory panel give you crucial information on flavour as well as changes in smell and mouthfeel over time.

Texture profile analysis

With a texture profile analysis we help you get objective data on the textural features of your food. Using tribology we analyze how your food products perform when consumed in different conditions. This way we can provide an overview of potential ingredients that improve texture and mouthfeel.

Microbial identification & modelling

In addition to chemical composition and flavour, food safety also is an important part of your products’ success. Therefore we also provide a quantitative risk assessment by simulating the microbial growth and decline of pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, listeria, staphylococcus and bacillus cereus.

Let our food analytics improve your product

Whether you’re developing a completely new product or something that should mimic taste, smell or taste of another – we’re here to help you improve your product and exceed consumers’ demands.

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